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The key to serving any industry is understanding its needs, analyzing its requirements and filling the gaps in between. Our broad range of expertise enables us to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients.Through vast research and rigorous development practices, DGB Technologies serves a multitude of sectors.

Our Leadership

Dr. Falak Sher

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Falak Sher earned his PhD in Software Modelling & Verification from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He also did his Post-doctoral research at Fortiss GmbH -- national research institute of Germany. His areas of expertise include analysis of reactive, stochastic, real-time, and hybrid systems, reduction techniques for probabilistic systems using game theory, formal software verification, in particular model checking, formal modeling and analysis of distributed computing, game theory, mathematical logic and automata theory.

Dr. Maham Abbas


Dr. Maham Abbas earned her MS from Stanford University, USA, and PhD in Economics and Education from Columbia University, USA. She has worked on Education and IT projects with Pakistan’s government as well as the World Bank while also pursuing accountability through statistical analysis in the public sector. Currently she is affiliated with the private education sector in Pakistan and is interested in the cross-section between data management, IT, and education. Her fields of expertise includes education policy, data analysis, and economics.

Dr. Saeed ul Hassan

AI and Data Science Expert

Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan earned his PhD in Information Management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He is a former Post-Doctorate Fellow at the United Nations University – with vast experience in advanced statistical techniques, artificial intelligence, and software development client work. He has also served as a Research Fellow at National Institute of Informatics in Japan. His areas of expertise include Data Science, Scientometrics, Bibliometric Tools for Evidence-based Research Policy Formulation, Information Retrieval and Text Mining.

Dr. Arif Mahmood

Image Processing & Machine Learning Expert

Dr. Arif Mahmood received his MS and PhD in Computer Science from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and did post doctoral research at the College of Engineering in Qatar University. His areas of expertise include image processing, pattern recognition, machine vision, optimization, modeling and simulation.He has also worked on computation elimination algorithms for fast template matching, video compression, object removal and image mosaicking.

Dr. Ali Ahmed

Signal/Image Processing & Machine Learning Expert

Dr. Ali Ahmed completed his PhD in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and his Postdoc from Brown University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His areas of expertise include compressive sensing, inverse problems in imaging, convex geometry, low-rank matrix recovery, sparse approximations, and applications of low-dimensional signal models in signal processing, and machine learning.

Dr. Waqas Sultani

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Expert

Dr. Waqas Sultani completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Central Florida. His area of expertise include computer vision and machine learning. He has worked on several projects related to human action recognition, anomaly detection, crowd tracking, anomaly detection, object segmentation, complex event detection and automatic weakly labeled annotations. He has worked on projects funded by US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).

Dr. Agha Ali Raza

Speech Processing & Machine Learning Expert

Dr. Agha Ali Raza completed his Ph.D. from the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. His area of expertise include Speech and Natural Language Processing, Speech-based Human-Computer Interfaces, telephone-based automated dialog systems, and Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D).

Dr. Mohsen Ali

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Expert

Dr. Mohsen Ali completed his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida, USA. His area of expertise lie in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, specifically Deep Learning and sparse representation. Some of the research problems he is pursuing are satellite/aerial imagery analysis , affective computing and multi-image co-segmentation.

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