The key to serving any industry is understanding its needs, analyzing its requirements and filling the gaps in between. Our broad range of expertise enables us to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients.Through vast research and rigorous development practices, DGB Technologies serves a multitude of sectors.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning & Big Data Analysis

Our AI engineers and data scientists are able to rapidly develop and operate big data, predictive analytics, and AI / ML models that show prove the business value to business stakeholders. Experts in multiple AI specialties including deep learning, computer vision, optimization and natural language processing , we connect the dots between business outcomes and AI.

Formal Verification of Software/Hardware Systems

We have experience in advanced model checking and static analysis techniques that enables us to reason and derive facts about complex dynamical systems. We also have expertise in mathematical modeling of reactive, stochastic and real-time hybrid systems for verifying their trustworthiness aspects (such as safety, reliability, performance and survivability).


Our Researchers offer various bioinformatics software solutions with the goal to accelerate your research and build tools for research data management, data analysis, data storage and integration, data-mining and biostatistics. Our aim is to revolutionize the technology behind genomic data management and data analysis and become a significant contributor to biomarker discovery. 


Dr. Falak Sher

Formal Methods Expert

Aurang Zeb

Risk Analysis Expert

Dr. Mazhar Javed Awan

AI/ML Expert

Dr. Waqas Sultani

Computer Vision & ML Expert

Dr. Ali Tahir

Speech Processing & NLP Expert

Scientific Advisory Board

Joost-Pieter Katoen

Software Modeling and Verification Expert

Dr. Imran Khan

Molecular Biotechnology Expert

Prof. Dr. Marielle Stoelinga

Software Modeling and Verification Expert

Researchers & Consultants

Dr. Agha Ali Raza

Speech Processing & NLP Expert

Dr. Ali Ahmed

Signal/Image Processing & ML Expert

Dr. Arif Mahmood

Image Processing & ML Expert

Dr. Mohsen Ali

Computer Vision & ML Expert

Clients & Collaboraters

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